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The acronym BRICS was coined by Jim O’Neill in a 2001 paper entitled “Building Better Global Economic BRICS.. The acronym has come into widespread use as a symbol of the shift in global economic power away from the developed G7 economies towards the developing world. It is estimated that BRICS economies will overtake G7 economies by 2027.This monograph studies the BRICS, its origin, challenges and future programmes like the BRICS Bank .
Price-$50, Rs. 2500 .00

After the Sachar Committee report made public a fresh debate has started on the condition of Muslims in India. To get the Muslim vote Bank the so-called secular parties are rushing with the idea of giving reservation to the Muslims. But no one has so far made any attempt to solve the problems of the Muslims. We have tried to delve deep into it and have come with startling facts.
Size-A-4, No. of pages- 110
Price- (Overseas)-$ 60 per copy (India)-Rs. 2500 per copy
Second edition-July, 2014
ISBN 81-87819-90-01

India and GCC
The relation of India and GCC is a case of curious concern. This case study delves deep into its meaning and implications.
No of pages-50,Price-Rs 500,$10

India’s Look West Policy
No of pages-50,Price-Rs 500, $10
India’s foreign policy interactions with Israel are marked by a political discreetness which is in contrast to its prominent political engagement with the Palestinians and countries of the Arab world.
This report seeks to understand the dynamics of what is being posited as the ‘delicate balance’ in India’s foreign policy practice in regard to Israel.
No. of pages- 100,Price- Rs 1500,$30

India Japan and US:The New Asian Entente
The deepening cooperation between the US, India, and Japan signals efforts to form an entente among the Asia-Pacific region’s three leading democracies. The US, India, and Japan are seeking to build a broader strategic understanding to advance their shared interests.
What holds for this alliance?
No. of pages- 200,Price- Rs 2500, $50

India-China in Africa
In recent years, China and India have become the most important economic partners of Africa and their footprints are growing tremendously. Both the countries are involved in a fierce competition, but what holds for Africa.
This report tries to understand this scenario.
No. of pages- 100,Price- Rs 1500, $ 30

Indian Presence in Central Asia
No. of pages- 150
Price 2000
As India moves ahead with its “Connect Central Asia” policy to cement its relations with the region, this report discusses the current status of the India-Central Asia relationship, its newly pronounced Connect Central Asia” policy, analyse problem areas, and pave the way for mutually-beneficial future engagement. A very important report with special section on TAPI gas pipeline
Size-A-4, No. of pages- 118
Price- (Overseas)-$ 60 per copy (India)-Rs. 2500 per copy
Second edition-July, 2014
ISBN 81-87819-66-09

First Edition November 2006
No of pages-208
Price $50, Rs. 2000 .00

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