Emerging social , economic and political issues India and third world

We include a spectrum of work from an applied or theoretical perspective, employing statistical or analytical methods, and with an economic or political focus. We seek to understand how economic incentives shape political institutions and behavior, and to know how political forces influence economic choices. The increasingly complex political and economic conditions call for a more complete understanding of the interactions between decision-making in these two realms.

For decades, drug companies in India were said to thrive by copying medicines discovered in the West. They supplied a burgeoning home market and produced much-needed AIDS drugs for other impoverished countries. But labs in India and elsewhere in Asia may one day soon challenge Europe and the United States as the source of new medicines

The new patent laws in China and India have sparked talk of a reverse brain drain, with Indian and Chinese scientists who had come to the United States to make their reputations returning home. India had more intellectual-property protection; those Indian scientists might stay home. And the U.S. and European companies would have to restructure their strategies to counter the challenge of India. A few Indian drug companies are already making a mark on the international scene.


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